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Transiberic Love is the story of two people from the 21st century who fall madly in love with each other and with the revolution they lead from the Queer Movement to Geração à Rasca and Indignados. 


It is the story of a boundless love between Maria and José who were born with democracy and grew up with the internet, social networks, new movements, activism, sex parties, low-cost flights between Lisbon, Madrid, Porto, Barcelona, Paris and Berlin.


Juntxs cross all borders, question national, European, ideological, class identity and also sexual and gender identity and try to live this revolution in behavior in everyday life.


Maria was born in Porto in 1974 during the Carnation Revolution, into a family of feminists. She is a rebel who, since childhood, has questioned the rules imposed on her as a woman. She is a writer inhabited by the desire to transform the world, who defends new paradigms such as fourth wave feminism and pansexuality.


José was born in Barcelona in 1987 with the construction of the European Union, into a Catalan-French family. She never felt like a "woman". Considered a little genius, he stands out as a sociologist and activist. It creates a trans identity, neither feminine nor masculine, defending the beauty of androgyny. He identifies himself as a pirate and guerrilla fighter.


In a globalized world where savage financial capitalism turns individuals into docile slaves, this book is a trans-European adventure about how to grow up, how to become an activist citizen without losing your dignity, freedom and dreams.


about how to grow, how to become an activist citizen without losing dignity, freedom and dreams.

José Almeida, Journalist

"Raquel Freire can talk about all these things, about love passion and love compassion, about life and politics, about struggle and suffering, about joy and dignity. And she does it without fear. She does it with the exact notion of who is writing about a new world, which wants to be freer and with more space so that all people can live with dignity and so that all people can seek happiness, whatever it may be."
Don't read it just once. Repeat reading. I've already read it three times. That's how it goes with good books. It must be read and offered.”
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